angle of camber

angle of camber
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  • Camber (aerodynamics) — Camber, in aerospace engineering, is the asymmetry between the top and the bottom curves of an airfoil in cross section.OverviewCamber is often added to an airfoil to increase lift and/or reduce the critical angle of attack (the angle at which… …   Wikipedia

  • Camber — may refer to a variety of curvatures and angles: * Camber angle in automobile technology * In the steel industry, the concavity of rolls. Hot rolling uses positive camber (concave rolls), while cold rolling uses negative camber (convex). * Camber …   Wikipedia

  • Camber angle — From the front of the car, a right wheel with a negative camber angle …   Wikipedia

  • camber — i. The curvature of an airfoil above and below the chord line surface. It is the distance between the mean camber line and the chord line. Where the mean camber line lies above the chord line, the airfoil is said to have a positive camber.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Angle of attack — In this diagram, the black lines represent the flow of a fluid around a two dimensional airfoil shape. The angle α is the angle of attack. Angle of attack (AOA, α, Greek letter alpha) is a term used in fluid dynamics to describe the angle between …   Wikipedia

  • camber angle — noun 1. : the angle between two joined plane surfaces with a camber at the joining point or edge 2. : the angle between the center line of the front wheel of an automotive vehicle and the vertical …   Useful english dictionary

  • angle — Ackerman steer angle aerodynamic angle of attack ambient wind angle attitude angle bank angle camber angle caster angle course angle heading angle inclination angle phase angle sideslip angle …   Mechanics glossary

  • Camber beam — In building, a camber beam is a piece of timber cut archwise, or with an obtuse angle in the middle, commonly used in platforms, as church leads, and other occasions where long and strong beams are required.A camber beam is much stronger than… …   Wikipedia

  • camber stiffness — the rate of change of lateral force with respect to change in inclination angle, usually evaluated at zero inclination angle …   Mechanics glossary

  • camber angle — /ˈkæmbər æŋgəl/ (say kambuhr angguhl) noun the angle between the cambered front wheel of a motor vehicle and the vertical …   Australian English dictionary

  • camber — /kam beuhr/, v.t., v.i. 1. to arch slightly; bend or curve upward in the middle. n. 2. a slight arching, upward curve, or convexity, as of the deck of a ship. 3. a slightly arching piece of timber. 4. Aeron. the rise of the curve of an airfoil,… …   Universalium